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Wills and Estates





In everyone’s life it is important that an estate plan is made in order to provide for your love one’s after your death.  I am experienced with twenty-five (25) years in the preparation of Wills and the administration of Estates.  The money that you have acquired and the assets that you have acquired throughout your life of hard work should be distributed to the beneficiaries of your choosing and your choosing alone.  In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to complete a Last Will and Testament.  I will consult with you to discuss your goals and plans so that the Will is reflective of your desires.


At the time of an individual’s death, it is always a very emotionally distressing time.  The Estate of the deceased person will have to be raised and administered.  There are numerous steps that are required to be performed under Pennsylvania Law and most individuals that we have represented, it is their first time administering an estate.

I would be available for acting as attorney to the Estate, providing the Executor or Administrator with the appropriate information and guidance in order to promptly complete the administration of the Estate and allow for distribution to the beneficiaries.

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