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One of the saddest areas of practice is usually the area of Domestic Law.  The unfortunate unraveling of a marriage or relationship often leaves the parties distressed and financially uncertain.  


In my twenty-five (25) years of representing clients in domestic cases, we have been able to develop a practice theory where we want to assure the best result for our client with the minimum amount of emotional distress.


Every domestic case is different as are each of the clients and the parties on the other side.  Often the cases involve not only equitable distribution which is the division of the marital estate or the property that the parties have acquired during the marriage, but can also include Child Custody, Child Support and Spousal Support.  


It is important for my client to understand the entire procedure from the beginning so that he or she will know what to expect as we work our way through the process.


It is important for our clients to recognize the reality of the situation, but also handle the situation with compassion.  This is a difficult time for our client to be going through and we are certainly sensitive to not only the legal needs, but the emotional needs of our client.

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